Signature Request - List | HelloSign API Documentation
Signature RequestContains information regarding documents that need to be signedContains information regarding documents that need to be signed
SignatureRequest Response Object.
test_mode Whether this is a test signature request. Test requests have no legal value. Defaults to 0.
signature_request_id The id of the SignatureRequest.
requester_email_address The email address of the initiator of the SignatureRequest.
title The title the specified Account uses for the SignatureRequest.
original_title Default Label for account.
subject The subject in the email that was initially sent to the signers.
message The custom message in the email that was initially sent to the signers.
metadata The metadata attached to the signature request.
created_at Time the signature request was created.
is_complete Whether or not the SignatureRequest has been fully executed by all signers.
is_declined Whether or not the SignatureRequest has been declined by a signer.
has_error Whether or not an error occurred (either during the creation of the SignatureRequest or during one of the signings).
final_copy_uri (Deprecated) The relative URI where the PDF copy of the finalized documents can be downloaded. Only present when is_complete = true. This will be removed at some point; use the files_url instead.
files_url The URL where a copy of the request's documents can be downloaded.
signing_url The URL where a signer, after authenticating, can sign the documents. This should only be used by users with existing HelloSign accounts as they will be required to log in before signing.
details_url The URL where the requester and the signers can view the current status of the SignatureRequest.
cc_email_addresses A list of email addresses that were CCed on the SignatureRequest. They will receive a copy of the final PDF once all the signers have signed.
signing_redirect_url The URL you want the signer redirected to after they successfully sign.
custom_fields An array of Custom Field objects containing the name and type of each custom field.
name The name of the Custom Field.
type The type of this Custom Field. Only 'text' and 'checkbox' are currently supported.
value A text string for text fields or true/false for checkbox fields
required A boolean value denoting if this field is required.
api_id The unique ID for this field.
editor The name of the Role that is able to edit this field.
response_data An array of form field objects containing the name, value, and type of each textbox or checkmark field filled in by the signers.
api_id The unique ID for this field.
signature_id The ID of the signature to which this response is linked.
name The name of the form field.
value The value of the form field.
required A boolean value denoting if this field is required.
type The type of this form field. See field types
signatures An array of signature obects, 1 for each signer.
signature_id Signature identifier.
signer_email_address The email address of the signer.
signer_name The name of the signer.
signer_role The role of the signer.
order If signer order is assigned this is the 0-based index for this signer.
status_code The current status of the signature. eg: awaiting_signature, signed, declined
decline_reason The reason provided by the signer for declining the request.
signed_at Time that the document was signed or null.
last_viewed_at The time that the document was last viewed by this signer or null.
last_reminded_at The time the last reminder email was sent to the signer or null.
has_pin Boolean to indicate whether this signature requires a PIN to access.
reassigned_by Email address of original signer who reassigned to this signer.
reassignment_reason Reason provided by original signer who reassigned to this signer.
error Error message pertaining to this signer, or null.
ACTION URI - Description
List Signature Requests
GET /signature_request/list
Lists the SignatureRequests (both inbound and outbound) that you have access to.

Returns a list of SignatureRequests that you can access. This includes SignatureRequests you have sent as well as received, but not ones that you have been CCed on.

Take a look at our search guide to learn more about querying signature requests.

Request Parameters
account_id optional
Which account to return SignatureRequests for. Must be a team member. Use "all" to indicate all team members. Defaults to your account.
page optional
Which page number of the SignatureRequest List to return. Defaults to 1.
page_size optional
Number of objects to be returned per page. Must be between 1 and 100. Default is 20.
query optional
String that includes search terms and/or fields to be used to filter the SignatureRequest objects.
Response Parameters
A ListInfo object
Total number of pages available
Total number of objects available
Number of the page being returned
Objects returned per page
An array of SignatureRequest objects.
Example request / response
GET https://[api key]