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Frequently asked questions

What's an API signature

An API signature request takes place when you initiate a new signature process. For example, if you call signature_request/send to send out documents for signature, this will count as 1 API transaction.

Note: A single API signature request can be used to gather signatures from multiple people in cases where they are all involved in the contract.

Will I be charged for test signature requests?

No. HelloSign allows you to send test signature requests for free. These signature requests will be clearly marked as tests and will not be considered legally binding. See our documentation for more info.

How does embedded signing work?

Instead of directing your users to HelloSign to sign your document, embedded signing allows them to fill out and sign your document directly on your website via an iframe. Signing is simple and seamless. Because the user is logged into their account on your website, we do not require them to create a separate account with us prior to viewing and signing your document.

What happens if I go over my number of allotted API signature requests?

We alert you via email when you reach 80% of your quota. If you still happen to go over, we automatically bump you up onto the next plan (a prorated charge will apply).

How is an API plan different than a Business plan?

The API plan gives you access to the API whereas our Pro and Business plans are for people using HelloSign through our website. We have customers that have both API plans and Business plans, but a Business plan is only needed if your team is using our site to send documents out.

Do I have to pay to try the API?

No. You have full access to the API without signing up for a paid plan, just include the test_mode=1 parameter with any API request. When you're ready, you can pay for the plan that has the features you need.

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